Committed Georgia DUI and Drug Crime Defense

National College for DUI Defense
"NCDD Summer Session conducted at the Harvard Law School 2008 & 2009"

At the Athens law firm of Daniels & Rothman, we concentrate our energy on defeating the government's case against our criminal defense clients — not bargaining for compromise guilty pleas with the prosecution or counting on the judge to give us a break in sentencing. If you want to fight your DUI arrest or drug possession charge, contact our office to schedule a free consultation about your case.

Our attorneys represent clients who want to be cleared of the charges

Criminal defense can be a high-risk proposition for people facing serious punishment on serious felony or misdemeanor charges. We can understand why someone would be happy to take a few months in jail to avoid the risk of years in prison if they took their case to trial. Because we're trial attorneys, however, we prefer clients who recognize that the consequences of any criminal conviction go far beyond jail or probation. Our experience and skill with the resolution of contested criminal charges can help you in ways that you wouldn't think possible.

If the government can't prove its case, why plead guilty?

Your constitutional presumption of innocence means that you can't be convicted of any crime unless the government proves its case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. Our job is to keep the evidence essential to that burden of proof out of court to the greatest extent possible, then make sure that the jury has plenty of doubt about the part of the case that survives. By focusing on the evidence instead of the risks, we can make many cases go away entirely.

This approach is effective in DUI defense, state and federal drug crimes, and any other serious criminal charge. If you can see the advantages of engaging a lawyer who will build up your defense rather than break down your resistance to a guilty plea, contact Daniels & Rothman in Athens.